located in the heart of Stamford Connecticut’s Antiques District as well as 40 w 17th st in NYC we are the largest single owner antique facility in the country.

Greenwich Living Antiques and Design Centre offers high-end and high-quality signature designs. Our collections include extensive pieces of Maison Jansen, Ralph Lauren, and other high-end decor, as well as Hollywood Regency, Louis XV and XVI, Russian Neoclassical and Formal French, English and Continental merchandise.

Decorators and designers worldwide reach out to Greenwich Living Antiques and Design Centre, as we procure pieces for and from many dignitaries far and wide. At Greenwich Living Antiques and Design Centre these pieces sell at slightly above wholesale.

“Shopping at Greenwich Living must be a pleasurable experience and there aren’t any exceptions, ever.” -Sam Pizzichillo, Founder and Owner

Our customer base is known to furnish clientele such as Tommy Hilfiger, Regis Philbin, Judge Judy, Katherine Zeta Jones, Anne Hathaway, and Beyoncé, just to name a few. Our most loyal and valued clients, however, are the community shoppers and husbands and wives who continue to make our merchandise a part of their homes.

Greenwich Living Antiques and Design Centre prides itself on customer service. In fact, our hand selected staff is in constant contact with the Centre’s owner and founder. Greenwich Living is the only facility in the country that allows a customer to return any item, at any time, for any reason, and receive a credit of the exact amount of the purchase price of that item. We at Greenwich Living have established the business practice that no other facility dares to institute!

Additionally, Greenwich Living Antiques and Design Centre has a complete restoration shop on the premises. We want our customers to be happy and will gladly touch up, polish, restore, or paint any item prior to purchase and for years after. Having founded the company over a decade ago, Sam continues to manage a happily employed staff while maintaining his role as a perfectionist who demands a high level of customer service from each and every employee. We at Greenwich Living have one simple guarantee to everyone who puts their faith in us: “We will make you happy. You will be pleased.”